Transparent, Straightforward, Authentic Advice.


Citrine Capital is a fee-only wealth management firm committed to helping business owners, entrepreneurs and tech professionals across the United States conserve and create wealth. We accomplish this by working with our clients to organize their finances, manage investments, define and prioritize goals, plan for major life events and/or early retirement, protect loved ones, and mitigate taxes.




Ryan and Jirayr began working together at a national broker-dealer in 2012. We clicked immediately and quickly recognized that we were able to provide far superior service and advice to clients when working as a team. For two years we partnered on servicing clients, but over time became increasingly frustrated with the broker-dealer model. Specifically, we shared a philosophy that commissioned sales, proprietary products, and hidden fees weren’t ethical, which sparked our common vision for a more virtuous service model where the interests of clients and those of advisors are transparent and fully aligned.

This conviction led us to found Citrine Capital, a fee-only firm designed to remove conflicts of interest so our advisors could make recommendations solely in the best interest of clients. Most importantly we were committed to having absolutely no proprietary products, no commissioned sales and no hidden fees.

We’re exceedingly proud of the fact that over 98% of our clients transitioned with us when we opened the doors of Citrine Capital in 2014. We’ve been experiencing rapid growth ever since while staying true to our guiding principles, never compromising on our unique service model and always offering conflict-free, fiduciary advice.

Today we serve over 80 client households, the majority of which represent business leaders, entrepreneurs, and tech professionals working for venture capital-backed startups. They come to us for our expertise in equity compensation and proven wealth management process, and because they know they’ll always receive honest, transparent and straightforward advice.



Our clients are business owners, entrepreneurs and tech professionals, most of whom have a large percentage of their net worth concentrated in private or public companies. They’re typically juggling family with demanding careers and dynamic lives. They work with us because their financial picture is increasingly complex and they realize that they don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to manage their finances on their own.

We’ve worked with employees and executives at the companies below. We have a thorough understanding of their compensation packages, benefits packages, and retirement plans.




Our clients are increasingly conscious of how business practices may impact the environment and, in turn, future generations. As a result, most are interested in aligning their sustainability values with their investment goals. At Citrine Capital we believe that Investors who wish to accomplish this dual objective should not have to forfeit sound underlying investment principles. We believe that you can now achieve better than market returns by investing in low-cost, diversified, sustainable portfolios. This is why all of our portfolios contain only sustainable investment funds.